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Go buy ZShaolin. It’s good for your fingers.

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I have been much delinquent about my internets presence over the last geologic era or so. Turns out that I really hate trying to write interesting things in a browser window unless it’s on Hacker News and I’m being paid to do other things that I’m not doing.

Or something.

Anyway, just found the WordPress app for Android (it’s awesome) and since I am currently hurtling through the air at high rates of speed toward Nashville, I figured I would drop a blog to provide sweet sweet PageRank* to the coolest thing I have seen on the ‘droids since I got ‘em: ZShaolin.

I am a terminal guy by habit; on my Mac I more or less live in iTerm2. I am also a member of the Master Race of ZSH Users, because I like my terminal to have more bells and whistles than something with a lot of bells and whistles. So finding ZShaolin, which provides a no-root-required Unix environment with zsh as the shell o’ choice, was pretty fantastic. It comes with vim, which is really all I wanted it for, but–alas!–it came with a vim that was compiled without all the shiny features I actually use**. Hopped on the Twitters, sent the developer, jaromil, a quick tweet or six, and two days later there was an updated version. I have been noodling away on it for the entirety of my flight because it is awesome in APK form.

It’s $2.40 on the App Store, though it’s open source and you could bolt it together yourself if you were super-cheap. But don’t be cheap, because it’s awesome.


** – I use vimwiki, which worked out of the box with ZShaolin without much trouble (even reused my normal vimrc), but vim compiled in normal mode (as opposed to with –with-features=big or –with-features=huge) lacks the “conceal” feature, used by vimwiki to pretty-print wiki pages: hiding extra link text, hiding text formatting, and so on. Not having it made it unusably distracting.

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November 28th, 2012 at 2:11 pm

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