Exor: an extensible add-in framework for .NET

As with my other projects over the last couple weeks, I’ve been on a kick where I pull useful stuff out of old projects and polish them up for an open-source release. Exor is a (somewhat) polished iteration on Anaeax’s mod system1. It couples an attribute-based type mapping add-in system with a neat wrapper around CSharpCodeCompiler that allows an add-in (like, say, for a game) to compile and dynamically load .cs files that can provide those types2.

Originally I only planned for this project, my MonoGame-based content management gizmo3 and SheetParser, but Versioner ended up being a useful side effect–it didn’t really make a lot of sense to put all of the versioning and dependency resolution into Exor just to lock it away from other projects that could use it.

Exor is on Github and NuGet (Core, Compiler) and is licensed under the MIT license.


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