Highlighting Vagrantfiles in Sublime Text

So, Sublime Text is awesome, just ignore the badass Vim guy in the back corner. But one of the biggest drags I’ve run into is its inability to bind file types to files without extensions. You’ve got your Vagrantfiles, your Thorfiles, etcetera etcetera etcetera, and they’re all just being treated as un-highlighted plain text.

Given my one-man crusade that Everybody Should Be Using DSLs For Configuration, this has made me sad. Ed is sad. Sad.

But! Now I have a plugin that solves this for me, and yes it’s been out there forever but now I know about it and now you will know about it and we can all be happy. It’s called ApplySyntax, and it comes out of the box very happy to splash Ruby syntax all over your Foofiles.

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