Hey there. I’m Ed Ropple, a software developer based out of the Boston area. I’m a platform/infrastructure developer and a software consultant based out of Boston, MA, and I hang out my shingle at edboxes. On the side I make video games (first one scheduled for commercial release in approximately Spring 2027) and play around with sports analytics.

Open source projects

Not a complete list. Check my GitHub profile for more!

  • Terraframe, written in Ruby, exists to make the Terraform cloud automation system a whole lot nicer to work with. (Update: it didn’t work. But I tried.)
  • Exor is an extensibility framework for .NET with a runtime compiler for on-the-fly loading. I built it for the game I’m writing.
  • Versioner provides some Bundler-esque dependency modeling (resolution, etc.) for .NET applications. I built it to support Exor.
  • SheetParser is a reflection-based .NET loader for tabular data. I use it to parse lists of items, i18n strings, etc. in my game projects.