Highlighting Vagrantfiles in Sublime Text

So, Sublime Text is awesome, just ignore the badass Vim guy in the back corner. But one of the biggest drags I’ve run into is its inability to bind file types to files without extensions. You’ve got your Vagrantfiles, your Thorfiles, etcetera etcetera etcetera, and they’re all just being treated as un-highlighted plain text.

Given my one-man crusade that Everybody Should Be Using DSLs For Configuration, this has made me sad. Ed is sad. Sad.

But! Now I have a plugin that solves this for me, and yes it’s been out there forever but now I know about it and now you will know about it and we can all be happy. It’s called ApplySyntax, and it comes out of the box very happy to splash Ruby syntax all over your Foofiles.

So, part one of this little getting-acquainted with Mesos left me with one (1) Mesos server, running apps in an app-ish sort of way via the Marathon framework. Which is cool. But there’s a lot of places to go from here.

I could install additional frameworks onto the box, if I wanted–I could bolt in Chronos to give me a cron replacement or I could wire up Spark to map and reduce things on HDFS. But those aren’t really interesting to me, not least because I don’t have any jobs that have a burning need to run at 3AM, nor do I have a few terabytes of interesting data lying around to gnaw on. So instead I’m going to stick with Mesos and see what I can do about expanding my little cluster past a singleton server.
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A Virtual Mesos Cluster with Vagrant and Chef

Part 2 is here.

So, blog reboot, like, thirty-four. I’m bad at blogs. But this time, I come bearing neat stuff to talk about, so maybe this’ll stick.

Anyway, since starting at Localytics, I’ve found myself thrown into a bunch of new-ish stuff. My prior ops experience was much more “developer moonlighting as a sysadmin”, rather than buzzword-compliant DevOps Ninja Powers. At Localytics I’ve been leveling those up pretty quick, though, and there’s some fun stuff I’d like to talk about a little. But we need to figure out what we want to make public first, and it’ll probably end up on the company blog before it ends up here, so I’m going to natter on a bit about something I’m doing in my spare time: setting up a Mesos cluster and populating it with apps for a side project or two.
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